"Why IMAGINE what's in your patient...when you can IMAGE it"

As ultrasound machines have become smaller and more affordable, physicians of all specialties are increasingly finding Clinical Ultrasound (focused ultrasound, point-of-care ultrasound, bedside ultrasound, clinician-performed ultrasound) to be an indispensable part of their practice. Numerous specialty Colleges have already adopted guidelines for the use of focused ultrasound in their respective areas and more are soon to follow. Medical schools have recognised the importance of this ever-expanding tool and have initiated ultrasound training beginning as early as year one.

Wellington Ultrasound is an educational resource dedicated to bringing ultrasound training to practitioners of all specialties including medical students and trainees. Our belief is that it is never too early or too late in your career to improve your medical practice through the use of ultrasound.

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See what people said about our past courses...

"The enthusiasm and professional proficiency of all the lecturers is outstanding. the course is very hands on. a must do!!! "

"Brilliant - far more practical "hands on experience" than anticipated. Engaging lectures and lecturers. I just want to scan everybody now! "

"Good theoretical lectures and recap of anatomy. Very good supervision at the models - very informative and enjoyable! Thanks "

"Speakers were great & very knowledgeable about their topic"

"Enthausiastic lecturers with expert knowledge on ultrasound was really motivating "

"All of the hands on sessions were brilliant"

"Two weeks prior to the course and until the precourse lectures, I had no idea how to read ultrasounds. Now I can on a basic level"

"Great fundamentals in point of care ultrasound"
"It exceeded my expectations."

"Found it inspiring, have rolled the US out every day since back to work"

"The instructors were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Lectures were very good in terms of content and delivery. Made me want to go back to my ED and scan everybody"

"Excellent course. Very well organised. Enjoyed all aspects and learned a lot. Practical scanning sessions were excellent.Thank you for a great weekend!"

"Very good even for people who have no previous US experience"

"Well organised. Relaxed, competent instructors."

"Absolute value for money"

"Great presenters. Inspired me about uss"

"Hi Scott   
First patient today 77 year old man fast AF AND HYPOTENSION.
Threw the USS on and low and behold big pericardial effusion with RV collapse... Tamponade 500mls drained and pt awesome.
I would not of had confidence to push my ECHO findings before the course so thanks"

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